Hello Quilters

This blog has been closed down for a while now. We have decided that it’s time to bring it back to live. Do you remember the past? We all have different perspectives. Even when we look at the past, some of the details are super wrong. Let us take the song we are the champions for instance. We all remember how it ends and we have all heard it in most┬ásport events. Yet our memory about it is so wrong.

We quilt memories. That’s all we do. We bring the past back to the present. We hope you will buy things from us because we are the best in our field. Our online store is the most popular in this industry. Our team cares so much about our product. We will never let you down.

By the way, we are updating contents at the moment. You should come back when there are more details. All the best for Christmas and new year.

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